The truth about soda, and why you should avoid it

The truth about soda, and why you should avoid it

At Silver Oaks Dentistry in San Antonio, Texas, Dr. Emanuel Dehelean often sees patients who have developed cavities or other forms of tooth decay as a result of drinking soda. Though the variety of flavors can be enticing, soda consumption can wreak havoc on your sodasmile. Here's why you should skip the soft drinks.

Sugar is suspect and diet is dangerous

Sugared soda is high in carbohydrates, which, when combined with bacteria, creates the acids in plaque that work to destroy your enamel with every sip. It may seem like diet soft drinks, therefore, are a better alternative because they don't contain any natural sugars. However, these drinks are extremely acidic, providing a more direct path toward tooth decay. Although enamel damage from acids can happen to anyone, younger people are more at risk for tooth decay because their tooth enamel is still developing.

Water is wonderful

Unfortunately, sports drinks and juices that claim to be healthy often contain just as much, if not more sugar than sodas. For this reason, your San Antonio dentist suggests making water your primary beverage of choice. It not only hydrates your body; drinking water also helps to dilute the substances in your mouth that could potentially cause plaque and rinses them away. If you're not quite ready to give up soft drinks, dental professionals like your San Antonio dentist suggest drinking water after finishing a soda, and try to limit soda intake to no more than 12 ounces and only at meal times.

Besides accelerating tooth decay, consistently drinking sodas has been linked to other problems like diabetes and osteoporosis. Stopping the soda habit is beneficial to your entire body. If you'd like more information on soda and tooth decay, or for an evaluation of your dental health, give Silver Oaks Dentistry in San Antonio a call today!

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