Tooth-Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile Naturally

Tooth-Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile Naturally

We believe that no one should be able to see your dental fillings when you smile.fillings

Finding out you have a cavity is never a fun moment; however, cavities are one of the easiest problems to treat. Once the decay has been removed, it’s time to rebuild it. While dental fillings can be made from a variety of different materials, our San Antonio, TX, dentist, Dr. Emanuel Dehelean, wants to make sure that your filling blends in with the rest of your smile. This is why we offer tooth-colored fillings.

It’s important to restore a tooth after a cavity to restore its appearance and strength. Rebuilding a tooth is important and you want a restoration that will give you your beautiful smile back.

You want a cosmetic dentist in San Antonio that has an artistic touch when it comes to creating dental restorations. Making sure that the restoration you get, whether it’s a filling or a dental veneer, offers you a natural, gorgeous smile is key. That’s always our goal here at Silver Oaks Dentistry.

Once the tooth has been treated, we will choose the proper shade of resin to match your tooth. From there, we will apply the malleable resin and shape it to the contours of the tooth. Layer after layer is applied, shaped and then hardened with a dental light. Placing the filling is completely painless and non-invasive, and won’t take very long to complete. With a final polish, your new tooth will look just as it did before the cavity.

Of course, the same resin used for your filling can be used for strictly cosmetic purposes, too. Say you have a small chip, crack, discoloration or gap in your smile. If it’s minor enough and only affects the appearance and not the function of your teeth, then this resin can be applied to these imperfections to hide them. This cosmetic treatment is known as dental bonding and it’s one of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve the appearance of your smile.

Do you have questions about tooth-colored dental fillings? Want to learn more about the services we offer? Then call Silver Oaks Dentistry in San Antonio, TX, today.

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