What Can You Eat After a Dental Implant Procedure?

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What Can You Eat After a Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental Implant ImageKnowing what foods to avoid after implant surgery will make your healing process simpler.
If we’ve deemed you a perfect candidate for dental implants in San Antonio, then congratulations! You are well on your way to restoring your smile for the long term. Dental implants are the best option for those looking for a permanent solution for missing teeth, as nothing functions and looks more like a natural tooth than dental implants. However, as your surgery approaches, you may find yourself sitting up at night surrounding by the glow of a computer. It’s natural to want to do your research on the “do’s and don’ts” and “what to expect’s” of your procedure. While most people are concerned with the actual dental implant procedure, it’s also important that you know how to take care of your post-surgery smile. Your San Antonio dentist is here to tell you what foods are safe to eat and which ones to avoid while you heal.


  • Opt for softer foods like soups, rice, mashed potatoes, eggs and yogurts, especially in the beginning of the healing process; however, this rule is especially important for the first two days after surgery.
  • Eat foods at room temperature immediately after your procedure.
  • Drink lots of water. It’s important to stay hydrated as it will boost your immune system and promote the healing process.


  • Eat crunchy foods like chips or pretzels for six to eight weeks after surgery.
  • Eat chewy foods like gum, cookies or red meat, as it can pull the implant away from the gums.
  • Eat anything that could get lodged between your teeth like seeds, nuts or popcorn.
  • Drink or eat anything hot right after surgery. The anesthesia will numb your mouth and make it difficult for you to judge how hot something is. We don’t want you to risk getting burned.
  • Use a straw when enjoying a beverage.
  • Drink alcohol for 24 hours after your surgery.
Of course, if you have any questions about your upcoming surgery you can always give our San Antonio dental office a call. We are here to alleviate your concerns and make your experience easier!
To all those out there who’ve already had dental implants: what foods helped you get through this recovery period? Do you have any yummy recipes that made your dental implant diet a bit easier to work with? I know our patients would love to get their hands on some recipes and recommended foods before their surgery. Don’t be shy—let us know.

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